United Stars Advanced Materials (USAM)

In early 2017, United Stars Inc. (parent company of Waukesha Foundry) established the United Stars Advanced Materials group, comprised of industry market leaders, Waukesha Foundry and the Electric Materials Company. The objective of USAM is to be the industry leader in developing new materials and processing technologies (or modifications to existing materials) in order to obtain superior performance in one or more characteristics. With over 200 years of combined industry presence across a range of key end markets, each company brings a wealth of capabilities, knowledge and talent to the USAM group – and most importantly, to our valued customers.

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Waukesha Foundry

Known as an innovator in the production of intricately shaped cast components, Waukesha Foundry has embraced changing technology throughout its 100+ year history. Technology is used in combination with extensive metallurgical experience and material options to manufacture a full range of products, specifically tailored to meet customer casting specifications and quality requirements. Waukesha Foundry's extensive manufacturing capabilities allow it to produce castings in over 200 different alloys, ranging from 1 to over 6,000 pounds.

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Electric Materials Company

Located in Pennsylvania, Electric Materials is the leader in producing high-quality electrical commutators, AC rotors, copper extrusions, forgings and castings. Products are sold around the world and service the electrical power, mining, transportation, oil and gas, industrial, military, and architectural markets.

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