Other Alloys

Waukesha Foundry has developed a line of corrosion-resistant, nickel- and copper-base alloys that work in contact with stainless steel, Inconel®, Monel®, chromium plate and many other metals without galling or seizing. Approved by the FDA for contact with food, our unique anti-galling alloys are used in applications where daily cleaning or sterilization is required and the use of lubricants is prohibited. All anti-galling testing for requirements certification is conducted on site.

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Waukesha Metal 23BI

WM23BI is an anti-galling alloy with higher yield strength and hardness than our standard WM88. These characteristics help maintain a sharper edge on blades and similar components. It offers good corrosion resistance and can be used up to 500° F. WM23BI is readily castable and machinable.

Waukesha Metal 3

WM3 is specially formulated for excellent strength and corrosion resistance. This food-grade alloy has a copper base and can be used at temperatures up to 500° F. It is well suited for homogenizers.

54C Alloy

This high-temperature, high-strength alloy has good corrosion resistance and can be used at temperatures up to 1,600° F. The alloy's excellent self-lubricating qualities, due to the inclusion of silver, make it ideal for valve guides in aircraft engines that must operate in extremely hot temperatures. The 54C alloy affords exceptional wear resistance.

Cast Invar®

Invar® 36, the typical Invar material of choice, is a 36-percent, nickel-iron alloy, which has the lowest thermal expansion among all metals and alloys in the range from room temperature up to approximately 350° F. Named Invar as it is almost unchanging or "invariable." The alloy is ductile and easily weldable with machinability similar to stainless steel.

With a very low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion), Invar plays an important role in elevated-temperature cured, carbon fiber reinforced composite tooling. These tooling materials must provide temperature resistance, very low CTE to match the composite cure temperature, vacuum integrity, thermal conductivity and machinability. The compatibility of the CTE of the Invar mold and the composite parts avoids distortion, induced stress and warpage. All this adds up to a material that meets the dimensional tolerance and production requirements for composite components.


Bar Stock

Waukesha Metal 126

We developed WM126 as a copper base, anti-galling material for use in meat processing plants for form plates, plungers and vane pumps. WM126 is also well suited for gears, bushings and bearings. This alloy offers good strength and corrosion resistance and can be used at temperatures up to 500° F. Note: WM126 is not an Ni-base alloy.

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Waukesha Foundry provides WM126 material in solid round bars. Orders of 10 and under will ship in 1-2 business days. For orders over 10, we will check inventory and contact you regarding lead time. New customers, please note – we accept VISA or MasterCard for payment.

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